SecureTrading’s STPayMe boosts merchant collections

Boosting merchant collections

UK-based independent trading group SecureTrading is boosting merchant collections with the launch of STPayMe, allowing businesses to request payment using a simple and secure link. 

STPayMe allows merchants to send e-invoices containing a secure link to customers, simplifying the process of requesting payment. Without the need to enter payment details, the process is faster and more convenient for customers.

 STPayMe also provides an secure way for merchants to send branded invoices to customers via email, while simultaneously sending a version to themselves for their records. 

Businesses with an ecommerce merchant number are able to log in to different customer accounts via their My ST Account in order to send these personalised e-invoices to multiple customers. 

Justin Fraser, sales and marketing director at SecureTrading said: “STPayMe is an incredibly convenient product for both merchants and customers that should relieve the headache of invoicing for all parties involved. We received great feedback from our pilot clients who have helped us trial this new solution and we are confident that it will prove popular with a large proportion of our customer base.”

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