SIX Financial Information and swissQuant Group launch ImpaQt

Partnering SwissQuant group

SIX Financial Information and swissQuant Group are have announced a joint project to support the wealth management industry with enhanced risk compliance.

The increasing regulatory requirements – such as the upcoming Federal Financial Services Act (FIDLEG) in Switzerland and recent changes to FINMA circulars – demand objective advice and thorough reporting of risks as part of the daily client financial advisory business. To that effect, SIX Financial Information is partnering with swissQuant Group to produce a new breed of risk analytics.

The new offering called ImpaQt is a sophisticated portfolio risk management system that feeds high quality data from SIX Financial Information’s reference data universe and market data history into swissQuant’s proprietary, high-speed calculation engine to provide on demand quantitative risk analyses of client portfolios as well as portfolio based pre-trade suitability simulations.

ImpaQt features on-demand risk analytics for single instruments as well as analytics on a portfolio level. Built upon proven methodology by the swissQuant Group, the system empowers client advisors to interactively visualise market and credit risk on the bank’s intranet, while keeping all client related data in-house – allowing the highest level of client discretion and confidentiality. The integration into existing IT infrastructures with common core banking solutions or portfolio management systems is seamless and empowers client advisors to execute analytically sound risk management for their clients’ portfolios.

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