Airtel partners with Air France to enable mobile payments for flight tickets

Airtel is offering a mobile payments options for Air France customers.

Bharti Airtel has announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Air France to allow customers to buy plane tickets from the airline via Airtel Money.

After making an Air France reservation via an agency or online, customers can now make their payment via Airtel Money on a mobile phone. The plane ticket is then delivered by email, along with a SMS confirming the ticket purchase.

Nicolas Soulie, the director of Air France Gabon, said that the use of mobile money for the payment of flight tickets is a first for the company, parising the move for its innovativeness: “Air France customers now have a wider choice of payment methods. Consistently providing convenience for our clientele is something we strive to achieve on a daily basis”, he said.

Charles Alexis Boukinda, the Director of Airtel Money Gabon, said: “We are fully aware that a lot of our customers have hectic schedules and they don’t have time to go to travel agencies to purchase their plane tickets. Running petty errands can be time consuming. The introduction of this new payment method highlights the commitment of Airtel to finding convenient solutions for all its customers.”

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