Corethree delivers m-payment solution to UK’s biggest EV charging network

Innovative solution

Core Engine, Corethree’s systems integration platform, has been used to develop a national smartphone mobile solution, billed by Charge Your Car as “The world’s first app that lets you use charge points”, that allows EV owners to find, navigate and purchase EV charging anywhere across Charge Your Car’s UK network.

Charge Your Car, launched in 2010 as the Plugged in Places network for the North East of England, has quickly become the UK’s largest regional recharging network for electric vehicles. In June 2012, Charge Your Car expanded from a regional to a national network, enabling EV drivers to roam across the UK and recharge on a pay-as-you-go basis. Charge Your Car is now connecting regional and local networks and individual charge points to a single centralised charge point management system, with a first stage target of 10,000 public access charge points.

The solution offers real-time geo-located information on the availability of charge points, navigation to EV charge points through mapping, and payment via mobile on Corethree’s award winning mobile wallet and payment facility. Payment is available on the major smartphones, via any mobile network operator and using any debit or credit card account, including Visa and Mastercard.

The mobile solution is currently available as a public beta via the App Store and Google Play. More details can be found on Charge Your Car’s app page.

Corethree’s CTO, Richard Kershaw, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Charge Your Car to deliver a truly innovative solution to the UK’s electric vehicle owners, and promote sustainable transport targets and the government’s carbon neutral environment initiatives. The team’s tremendously proud of this solution, and the showcase for our mobile payments and systems integration capabilities that it provides. We look forward to developing further solutions to enhance to the EV user experience in the future.”

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