ANNOUNCEMENT: PAYMILL launches Unite to simplify marketplace payments

PAYMILL Unite offers a simplified card payments system for online merchants.

PAYMILL, the payment service provider – which celebrated its first anniversary last month – launched its new product PAYMILL Unite today.

PAYMILL Unite is a an all-in-one solution for everyone who offers an online marketplace. The product enables merchants to offer credit card or debit payment to their buyers on their marketplace in a very easy way. Marketplace owners are now able to connect to other PAYMILL merchants, create transactions on behalf of connected merchants and take commissions for their services.

Mark Henkel, CEO and Co-Founder of PAYMILL: “With Unite, we respond to our customers’ requests for an easy way to integrate credit card and debit payments into their marketplaces. Furthermore, there are no monthly costs, but only charges per transaction. With Unite we take the next step towards our goal to enable everyone to easily accept payments on their websites across Europe.”

PAYMILL Unite’s main features:

  • When integrating into your marketplace, you get enabled to transfer money directly to your merchants and to collect fees for yourself.
  • With the one-click check-out process, which does not require a redirection to another website, PAYMILL Unite enables higher conversion rates and minimizes customer dropouts.
  • Customers’ credit or debit card data is securely stored – which is important for customer retention.

The intuitive developer friendly API, the rapid on-boarding process, the highest security standards, the broad offer of more than 120 currencies and the transparent pricing all combined with comprehensive and friendly customer service sets PAYMILL apart from other online payment solutions. PAYMILL is the first provider to have brought this simple, user friendly technical solution to Europe.

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