mopay launchese one-click mobile payments in Germany

Plans to roll out elsewhere

Mobile payment services provider mopay has launched a one-click billing service in partnership with Telefonica and Vodafone.

To carry out web-based transactions on a mobile phone users were previously required to enter their mobile number on a payment window. The PIN they received via SMS would then have to be typed into a subsequent payment window to complete the transaction.

The one-click service identifies a user via technical details, such as their phone model or mobile browser. Consumers then skip the authentication process and are taken straight through to the purchase confirmation screen.

Chief executive of mopay Ingo Lippert said: “Telefonica and Vodafone, two of the largest telecommunication providers worldwide, are giving their German customers the opportunity to test this new payment experience through mopay — a tremendous demonstration of trust in our technology and drive to innovate. We now plan to roll out the new technology in as many of our 80 markets as possible.”


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