ANNOUNCEMENT: GIRT mobile announce centre of excellence for mobile payments

Bringing together key players

Award winning mobile application development company GIRT mobile have just announced establishment of a centre of excellence for mobile payments.  The centre which will be based in Galway will be focussed on financial institutions and retailers taking maximum advantage of the growing mobile payments market.

According to recent  research published by Heavy Reading Mobile Networks Insider  mobile transactions are predicted to be worth USD1 Trillion by 2015. 

“Mobile payments have gone from being a cool-to-talk-about concept to a disruptive technology in a relatively short time frame,” says Denise Culver, research analyst with Heavy Reading Mobile Networks Insider and author of the recent report. “MNOs and payment vendors should be looking at different ways to drive demand for mobile payments, which have the potential to create significant revenue throughout the entire mobile ecosystem.”

Consumers, who already are accustomed to paying bills and buying goods online, are driving much of the move toward mobile payments. As the proliferation of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets continues, it’s only natural that those same consumers feel the desire to use those devices to make purchases. The opportunity creates a space for several exciting technologies and partnerships to further develop mobile payments.

Key factors in the mix are public acceptance, mobile manufacturer support, integration with existing systems and security.

CEMP is being launched with the intention of getting key Global players to develop and share best practice in this area providing customer focussed secure solutions.

The centre will organise monthly meetings, workshops  and seminars to discuss and help members to deploy mobile optimised payment solutions. It will also showcase cutting edge hardware and software in a mock-retail environment.

Topics covered and areas of specialism will include:-

The customer experience GUI design, intuitive user-flows, security, authentication, encryption, biometrics, best practice for fraud prevention, cross-platform development for multiple handsets, QR codes, NFC, virtual payment systems, and point of sale (POS) integration.

GIRT mobile managing director Aonghus O’hEocha said the centre will ‘provide a clear direction and support for any organisation that is serious about mobile payments but not sure how to implement a solution to satisfy their customers’.  He said ‘there are many companies who see the potential in the area but are unclear how to develop a strategy and deliver a meaningful customer centric solution.’ The centre will pull in experts from Industry and Academia to focus on key issues surrounding implementation with a view to delivering best practice for its members’.

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