VIDEO Exclusive – Interview with Gemalto Mobile Marketing Director, Naomi Lurie

Discussing digitisation of the wallet

PaymentEye were at the Excel Arena in London for PayExpo 2013 last month. There were a host of exhibitors displaying their latest innovative platforms and solutions. A number of seminars and discussions on hot topics such as big data and mobile payments ensured an insightful experience for all attendees. 

In today’s exclusive video, PaymentEye caught up with Gemalto’s Mobile Financial Services Marketing Director, Naomi Lurie to discuss the company’s latest product offerings. Moreover, Naomi gives her take on the digitisation of the wallet and the current mobile payments space. Gemalto’s mobile wallet solution which aggregates all aspects of mobile payments from NFC to QR and P2P was on display at the expo.

“We are all walking around with our phones in our hand all day. Why not maximise on that? There is so much that can be bought to this channel. At the expo we have been discussing the fact that it’s not a question of infrastructure being ready or deployments being put out in the markt, its about a compelling value proposition to the consumer. Couponing and location-based offers are just pieces of this proposition which are starting to come togeher to create that full consumer experience,” Naomi said. 


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