Cardtronics extended as manager of all Travelex ATMs in the US

Valued Travelex partner

Cardtronics announced that Travelex has awarded the company a long-term contract extension, which reaffirms Cardtronics’ role as exclusive manager of all U.S.-based Travelex ATMs—a fleet Travelex has grown significantly since the two companies first established a relationship in 2010. Travelex is the world’s leading retail foreign exchange specialist and has been operating in the United States since 1989.  

As the provider of ATM managed services to Travelex in the US, Cardtronics operates and manages more than 430 Travelex-owned ATMs spread across 34 states plus Puerto Rico. In terms of exact placements, Travelex’s U.S. ATM portfolio is synonymous with jet-setting and high-traffic locations, such as 15 international American airports, including the busy hubs of Atlanta and New York. Highlighting the growth of its ATM fleet, in 2011 Travelex became the exclusive provider of ATM services to hundreds of malls, shopping and outlet centers in the U.S.

At the airports, at the shopping centers and at all other locations, Cardtronics is responsible for operational aspects including processing, cash management and maintenance for every Travelex ATM in the United States.

“Since becoming the exclusive provider of ATM managed services to Travelex in the United States, Cardtronics has proven itself to be a valuable partner in helping Travelex develop high-profile ATM placement opportunities,” said Jon Dario, president, Travelex Currency Services.  “With its established ATM operating history, plus the lower costs that an ATM operator of their size and scale can achieve, Cardtronics has served Travelex’s U.S. ATM fleet well, perhaps most notably in deploying hundreds of new ATMs for us at shopping centers across the nation last year.”

“Over the last couple years, Cardtronics has significantly expanded the number of ATMs that we operate under managed services agreements, with a sizeable piece of that growth fueled by Travelex expanding its U.S. ATM footprint,” said Rick Updyke, president, North America Business Group, Cardtronics. “As an owner, as an operator, as a transaction processor—Cardtronics supports the largest network of ATMs in the United States, which makes our company a perfect choice as the long-term ATM managed services partner for Travelex.”

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