Pivotal Payments celebrating 10 years

Celebrating decade in industry

This month marks Pivotal Payments’ 10 year anniversary in the competitive and continually-evolving payment processing industry. Established in 2003, the Montreal-based company has become a leader in merchant services and payment processing solutions in North America, servicing over 60,000 merchants and processing more than USD10bn in annual transaction volume.

In an industry replete with competition, Pivotal Payments has grown year-over-year through organic growth, targeted acquisitions and by forming new partnerships to adapt to and exceed their customers’ growing needs. The company’s success can be attributed to its investment in people, technology, processes and products. In the previous year alone, Pivotal Payments posted annual revenue growth of 34%.

“We understand the power and value of relationships and that thousands of people, from the merchants we serve to our partners and employees, depend on Pivotal for their livelihood,” said Philip Fayer, president and chief executive officer of Pivotal Payments. “As a customer-centric organization, we’ve had the courage to take responsibility for issues and learn from them in order to enhance our company.”

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