hyperWALLET chooses Earthport to enhance cross-border-payments service

Partnering hyperWALLET

Earthport has announced an agreement with hyperWALLET Systems Inc. to enhance cross-border payments for corporate customers. Under the new agreement, hyperWALLET will leverage Earthport’s global network to deliver more competitive payments services to a greater number of countries.

As a result of the partnership  corporate customers will be able to benefit from a more cost efficient, predictable and transparent service, with advance disclosure of payment settlement dates and all fees involved. Since the launch of the new service, hyperWALLET has already started to expand its payments network, unveiling new country routes to customers as part of a phased plan.

“As the majority of our customers need to manage thousands of cross-border payments to employees, contractors and other beneficiaries, there is a strong demand for more efficiency, affordability and transparency in payments services. The integration with Earthport’s cross-border payments platform will enable us to meet these demands, while enhancing our global payment capabilities to remain on the forefront of innovation in financial services,” added Lisa Shields.

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