Wind and BNL test NFC payments on the MasterCard circuit

Partnering Wind for NFC

Wind and BNL BNP Paribas Group, in collaboration with SIA and MasterCard, announce the start of a trial of NFC technology, which allows to make purchases in contactless mode via Samsung smartphone, with a Classic Credit Card issued by BNL on the MasterCard circuit and virtualized on a NFC SIM provided by Gemalto.

The new payment method, simple and immediate, is set to facilitate the daily life, replacing cash and joining credit cards. To utilize the service, users simply select the method of payment on the App ‘YouPass BNL’ and place the smartphone close to a POS enabled to contactless payment (identifiable by the ‘MasterCard PayPass’ logo).

Thanks to this initiative, users can approach to a wide range of services with high value added, with the same security standards of a credit card. They can also check their own transactions at any time by accessing the reserved area on the mobile portal of the Bank. 

BNL confirms its focus on innovation and multi-channel technology, that are the basis of its banking services offer, accompanying customers to an informed and conscious use of new technologies, in bank operations as in the every day life.
An increasing number of retailers, large and small, are adopting POS terminals with NFC technology thanks to new partnerships between MasterCard and the major operators throughout the country: from large supermarkets to restaurants and fast food chains, from fashion and sport stores to large cities taxis.

NFC technology has a great potential if associated to the mobile telephony, and the beginning of the trial represents to Wind a significant step forward in the world of the mobile payment. The company confirms its interest in collaborating with banks and credit institutes, to develop an open ecosystem that enables the creation of mobile commerce services to its customers. The trial will use the SIA infrastructure, the first company in Europe that has created a hub interoperable between banks and Telcos for contactless payment via smartphone and other NFC services.

Wind continues to focus on innovation and, on the occasion of the launch of the trial with BNL, extends its internal test procedure, which allows its employees to access company premises, record their attendance, buy from dispensers and use meal ticket placing the smartphone close to NFC readers.

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