Mobile accounts for 10% of Starbucks’ US in-store payments

Huge revenue channel

Mobile continue to play an important role for Starbucks, with smartphone-based payments now accounting for more than 10% of in-store purchases, according to the retailer. The news comes as the firm continues to bolster its mobile initiative, rolling out wireless charging mats across select stores in the country. Starbucks chief digital officer, Adam Brotman, credits mobile payments with making a “demonstrable impact to our US business” and adds that the firm aims to invest more in mobile in the coming months.

Starbucks provides a number of mobile-based payment services, including its proprietary app, an offering for Apple’s passbook and the ability to pay using Square’s mobile-based carder reader. The firm is a pioneer of mobile payments in a market that is yet to fulfil the lofty forecasts placed upon it. US shoppers bought just USD500m worth of goods and services using mobile wallet apps last year, but that figure is expected to double come the end of the year before rocketing to USD58bn by 2017.   

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