Barclays Partner Finance launches flexible instant credit service for internet retailers

Offering new solution

Barclays Partner Finance has launched a flexible online finance product dubbed bFex. The service enables consumers to take out instant finance for shopping.

Ronnie Denholm, Managing Director of Barclays Partner Finance said: “Both consumers and retailers want simplicity and flexibility when buying and selling – and online is no different. Barclays Partner Finance and Barclaycard have a wealth of experience in creating innovative payment products and bFlex will allow retailers to offer a truly flexible payment solution at the point of sale, and consumers to spread the cost of their purchases.” 

The new bFlex is controlled by the consumer who has instant access at the online point of sale. This is in contrast to the conventional credit services whose terms were dictated by the retailers.

As a result users can spread their payments between three and 18 months and it can be either integrated directly by the retailer or they can route customers through the bFlex platform.

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