Uniqul enabling customers to pay with their face

Piloting in Helsinki

Finland-based Uniqul is harnessing facial recognition technology to enable consumers to pay without their wallet.

The solution is tablet-based and designed to be placed at retail checkout points. Here, instead of asking the customer to pay via traditional methods of cash or card, biometric sensors are used to match the consumers face to a corresponding Uniqul account. All the customer has to do it tap ‘ok’ to confirm the payment. Uniqul claim to use ‘military grade algorithims’ to ensure customer detection and that biometric data is kept secure. It is worth noting that the entire process only takes five seconds.

A pilot program is currently being rolled out in Helsinki. The pricing system is based on the shopper’s proximity to their chosen ‘home’ location. EUR0.99 is charged as a fee applied to purchases made using the system at outlets which are within one to two kilometres. This figure rises to EUR2.99 at locations elsewhere in the city and suburbs. For those travelling outside their hometown a EUR6.99 charge is added.

Check out the technology in action here: 


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