Greenings International launches global payments business advisory

New payments advisory

Greenings International has announced the launch of a global business advisory in collaboration with senior figures from the payments industry. Formed to modernise the global payments industry, the expanded Greenings International will provide advice to the world’s leading businesses to help them make the best decisions on their people, processes and strategies in payments.

The new Greenings is comprised of three divisions: Cross-border Resourcing, headed up by Andrew Greening (Managing Partner, Search & Talent Development); HR Change & Talent Development, headed up by Sheena Griffiths (Head of HR Change & Talent Development); and the Strategic Business Advisory, headed up by John de Lavis (Managing Partner, Advisory Services) and supported by an expanding international team of innovative payments leaders.

Andrew Greening, Managing Partner (Search & Talent Development), commented: “With the payments industry now at the core of modern businesses, shaping regulatory requirements, global markets and critical decisions, the organisations we work with demand structured, effective support on the growing strategic challenges they face. Greenings International has been immersed the sector for over 14 years as a cross-border resourcing and talent development firm. In answer to client demand over the years we’ve brought together these high level industry professionals from around the world for the first time to deliver a specialist advisory, focused on navigating clients through the complex and dynamic payments landscape.” 

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