Mobile gaming: UK consumption of gaming content

Offering insight into gaming industry

WorldPay recently launched the Download on Digital Report, a survey of over 11,400 consumers that have purchased video games and digital content in the last 12 months in seven major global economies.

Here are some of the more prominent statistics:

  • 37% have accessed and stored gaming content using their mobile or smartphone with 39% using it to make purchases of gaming content
  • 68% buy gaming content online due to the closure of shops
  • 51% tend to buy digital over hard copies
  • 55% make video games purchases in the company of others, mainly family
  • 51% of respondents play with people they know and 38% with other unknown online users

Technological advances in the devices consumers use and engage with means the video game industry is constantly developing and offering a number of opportunities for brands to deliver games across mobile devices. However, merchants need to ensure they are providing a seamless experience on a mobile device to enable a consumer to purchase and therefore maximise revenue opportunities: consumers payment frustrations include pop-ups / re-directions (31%), needing to remember passwords and not offering the preferred method of payment of choice (27%).

Colin Murray, VP Video Games, WorldPay, comments: “The ability to purchase within video games is a growing area and presents a huge revenue opportunity. However, consideration needs to be given to the payment frustrations that are already being experienced by consumers. Video gamers expect purchases to be straight forward and secure. Payment options need to be built into games that offer this service without leaving the game experience.”

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