VIDEO Exclusive: Interview with Omanye CEO, Sammy Crabbe – Part 1 of 2

Aiding financial inclusion

PaymentEye had the chance to catch up with CEO Sammy Crabbe during his visit to London this month to talk about the launch of his new project Omanye in the UK.

Omanye is much more than just Money Transfer. It provides a Transfer and Payment platform that allows the Unbanked/Underbanked, throughout the world, and African Small/Medium Scale Enterprises (SME’s), to participate and compete in the Global Economy. 

“The inclusion committee in Parliament has estimated that close to 1.54 million people in the UK do not have bank accounts. We are aiming to resolve that. Moreover are breaching the divide between companies having difficulty acquiring mechant accounts and the merchants themselves. We offer merchant accounts and are enabling further inclusion, giving true meaning to globalisation”, Sammy commented. 

Below is part one of the interview. Stay tuned for the second part of our exlcusive interview this week. 

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