ControlScan Releases “Smart” SAQ for the payments industry

New Smart SAQ

Payment security and compliance solution provider ControlScan has created a ‘smart’ version of the Payment Card Industry Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PCI SAQ) that simplifies SAQ completion and revalidation for merchants of all sizes. The ControlScan SmartSAQ aims to maintain the integrity of the traditional SAQ while removing the complexities that can cause merchant error and abandonment.

ControlScan’s most recent study of small merchant PCI compliance found that only 30 percent of survey respondents had completed an SAQ for their business. Many of those not completing the SAQ process said they simply couldn’t understand what was required of them, while others said they were “still working on it.”

“While SmartSAQ will benefit any size merchant, we were specifically interested in resolving the longstanding problem of the small merchant’s successful SAQ completion,” said Steve Robb, senior vice president of products and services, ControlScan. “The risk that small merchants represent has been a sticking point for the MSPs ControlScan serves, so we designed SmartSAQ from the ground up to eliminate confusion and enhance MSP-merchant engagement.”

SmartSAQ is an interactive, cloud-based application that features a user interface, question presentation and go-to support tools designed to save merchants time while boosting their SAQ success rate. In addition, customization and configuration capabilities enable MSPs to optimize their SAQ deliverable for increased merchant engagement. These options include the ability to integrate the MSP’s brand identity as well as their program-specific policies and procedures for compliance validation. SmartSAQ can also be configured to reflect MSP-specific payment services and applications.

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