New mobile wallet launched by CloudZync

Zync Wallet will allow merchants to integrate their loyalty cards and use their own customised payments.

M-commerce service CloudZync has launched a new mobile wallet, Zync Wallet, which lets customers pay using their mobile phones. It will be available to download for free this month from the App Store and Windows PhoneStore, with availability on Android shortly afterwards.

Merchants using the service will be able to integrate their loyalty cards and use their own customised payments, sale and promotions. There are no set-up fees or administration costs and no additional hardware is needed. Money does not need to be accessed by debit or credit card, making the payment process as seamless as possible.

Andrew Smith, co-founder of CloudZync, said: “There’s no denying that the mobile payments industry has grown dramatically in recent years, with consumers being offered a range of new ways to pay using their smartphone or NFC ‘quick pay’ solutions. 

“However, none of these payment options truly take advantage of the mobile technology that most consumers now carry in their hands, with most just offering another way to pay by card.”

“We created Zync Wallet to provide merchants with a way to send customers special offers and loyalty schemes through a mobile wallet – as well as providing them with a simple and secure way to pay using just their phones. Zync Wallet finally harnesses the power of the smartphone that most people have in their pocket, to help both the customer and the merchant.”

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