BlueKite launches cross-border bill-payment in Ecuador, Nicaragua & Panama

Launching new service

BlueKite  a provider of international bill-payment solutions has announced the addition of services in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Panama, accelerating its goal to become the leading electronic bill payment provider covering the major remittance corridors globally.

BlueKite has developed proprietary technology that provides complementary payment options to millions of consumers who emigrated and still support friends and families back in their home countries. According to official World Bank data, more than 215 million people today have emigrated from their homelands. In 2012, these wage earning emigrants with responsibilities for family members transferred more than USD400bn to developing countries around the world. According to World Bank estimates, these money transfers are expected to grow at a CAGR of 9% to reach USD515bn in 2015.

The new bill-payment services and utilities available through BlueKite include: Claro, CNT, ETAPA and EERSSA in Ecuador, Movistar and ENACAL in Nicaragua and IDAAN, ASEO, ENSA, SKY, CABLE ONDA, Claro TV and Claro in Panama. The company has been providing payment services to local billers including utilities and telecommunications companies in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.

BlueKite has been validating its model and processes with an agent network in Florida using a clerk-assisted in-store version of the platform. The company is expecting to launch a direct to consumer service via internet and mobile devices.

“Our goal is to provide consumers more options to direct and control the remittances they send back home,” said Bobby Aitkenhead, co-founder and CEO of BlueKite. “From a business standpoint, these new integrated services and countries validate our execution plan to scale into a global bill-payment provider.”

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