Mobile payment smartphone application MyCheck launches version 3.0

Updated version

After a successful stateside launch in NYC, MyCheck, the checkout app that allows you to view your bill live and pay for your check straight from your smartphone, has announced an updated Version 3.0.

MyCheck tapped HUGE Inc. for the mobile design and development, bringing a fresh new layout and interface to the application. Users can now:

  • Log-in to Facebook Connect to quickly sign up
  • Take a snapshot of a credit card and automatically populate their account information
  • Log-in to PayPal via MyCheck for an additional payment option
  • split the check evenly by percentage, by item, or evenly
  • Connect on social media, allowing instant check-ins on Facebook and Twitter
  • Search for and map out businesses near them and view Yelp reviews without exiting the application
  • Maintain their loyalty points electronically with the new Benefits & Loyalty feature

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