ANNOUNCEMENT: Invapay selects Kalixa Group as global acquiring partner

Partnering Kalixa

Kalixa Group has been selected by Invapay as its global acquiring partner. Invapay will use Kalixa Accept’s  acquiring and payment gateway services to process payments for more than 55,000 Invapay suppliers, including public and private sector companies. Kalixa Accept is already live and integrated into the Invapay platform.

Invapay’s cloud-based trading and payment platform allows its corporate customers to manage purchases and payments from strategic, long tail and one-time-only suppliers from source to settle. It allows buyers to search, request quotations, order and pay for goods and services online in a highly secure on-line environment.

“Many smaller businesses find it difficult to engage with government agencies and large businesses because it is hard to become an accredited supplier, and it can take a long time to receive payment. This situation is challenging for suppliers that’s why our partnership with Invapay is so important. It opens up the opportunity of working with large customers to a broader group of suppliers and accelerates payment processing to provide much needed liquidity,” said Joerg Heidenreich, Sales Director at Kalixa Group. “The work we are doing partnering with Invapay will provide an enormous boost to UK businesses and the wider economy. We’re proud to be part of the solution to such an important problem.”

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