Charity Technology Trust offering international money transfer services for UK charities

Enabling smoother transfers

Charity Technology Trust, in partnership with payment service providers FTT Global, has launched a new International Money Transfers service for UK charities – tt-forex. Charities will now be able to send and receive overseas payments and donations using tt-forex, which will be powered by FTT Global’s FCA regulated services. The service is secure, free to register and can be accessed 24/7 online, saving time and high bank fees.  

tt-forex was designed especially for the charity sector, where international payments are commonplace and must be managed securely, efficiently and regardless of currency requirements. FTT Global was already working with a number of international charities and sought out CTT to help broaden its reach within the sector and help to develop its service offering to those that need it most.

The resulting partnership between the two organisations will allow charities to maximise the funds they raise by avoiding the high fees and administration costs associated with processing international donations through bank accounts. By simply booking a payment online with tt-forex, charities receive a guaranteed exchange rate before they commit, ensuring that they know what they are spending in advance. CTT’s service also ensures transparency by enabling charities to access transaction details online at any time – helping them to stay informed and in control.

“CTT is a trusted name within the charity sector and its CTPayment service already has an outstanding reputation. Together we can extend that service and help even more charities with operations and causes overseas by providing a safe and secure way to ensure that funds and donations reach those in need and are not consumed by bank charges,” said Noel Goddard, Managing Director of FTT Global. 

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