Steria enables first fully-operational Payment Factory Worldwide

Partnering Société Générale

As end users become an increasingly important source of revenue growth for the banking sector, competition in this market segment is hotting up. Banks are looking to acquire systems that enable unprecedented time to market, as well as bringing down transaction costs. To address this challenge, La Banque Postale and Société Générale have set up Transactis, a shared payment factory that relies heavily on leveraging Steria’s Stecard solution. One of the key advantages of this highly flexible and agile solution is that it allows the rapid development of new banking solutions to foster customer loyalty and expand the organisation’s existing customer base. 

Already used by La Banque Postale before the creation of the shared payment factory, Stecard is now being used to perform front office operations for Transactis. Steria manages the authorisations that enable end users’ day-to-day transactions such as withdrawals and payments across 11,000 ATMs (comprising one fifth of all French cashpoints), 170000 payment terminals and 20 million cards. These transactions sum up to 4 billion annually.

Now fully operational, Transactis is the first fully-shared payment factory in the world. In 2012, Crédit du Nord began to migrate to a platform for remote transaction processing, which was also handled by Steria.

“Our high degree of involvement in the banking sector and e-money has enabled us to combine the very best from two leading players in banking: La Banque Postale and Société Générale. Steria has done more than any other player to bring together their respective strengths, develop new and innovative functionalities, and create levels of synergy that are unprecedented for this type of initiative,” said Jean-François Mansart, Head of Steria France’s Advanced Payments department. “With Stecard as its one-stop solution, Transactis can enjoy all the benefits offered by a flexible, optimised system. Stecard’s native multi-bank capability is a real asset, simplifying each bank’s environment and allowing Front Office function management to be fully shared by all users.”

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