Mint Wireless launches streamlined mobile payments platform

Mint's new platform simplifies the integration of card payments across multiple mobile devices and platforms.

Australian mobile payments and transactions processing company Mint Wireless has launched a mobile payments platform which aimis to simplify the integration of card payments across multiple mobile devices and platforms for developers, small businesses and large corporations (view press release).

As a modular, scalable and PCI-compliant bank grade platform, Mint Wireless says it will offer a competitive pricing structure, reduce initial setup and hardware costs associated with accepting card payments. Mint Wireless’ mobile payments platform hopes to reduce the barriers for entry into a highly regulated card payments market in Australia and New Zealand by making accepting card payments accessible and affordable to businesses of any size – from micro traders to large enterprises.

The platform powers three main card payment products – the Mint Developers Program, Mint Custom Solutions and Mint mPos.

• Mintegrate, Mint Developers Program: Mint Wireless offers free software developer kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for third party integration partners and developers for Windows, iOS, and Android.

• Minterprise, Mint Custom Solutions: Building on its heritage delivering mobile payment solutions to companies such as easyJet, Cadbury Schweppes and Amalgamated Pest Control, Mint Wireless offers a flexible and highly customisable corporate payments solution for banks, telcos, airlines, manufacturers, retailers and ERP software companies. Working with Mint Wireless, businesses can offer payment solutions on mobile devices.

• Mint mPOS: Mint mPOS (mobile Point-of-Sale) is Australia’s first card-present payment solution for iOS and Android devices.


“We have simplified the pricing structure for any mobile or retail business who accept card payments. Mint Wireless reduces the complexity associated with card payments and makes it easy for other companies to integrate their existing payment systems and handle transactions securely,” Mr Teoh said.

Minterprise is immediately available with Mintegrate and Mint mPOS expected to be available in Australia and New Zealand in October 2013.


According to the Annapolis Consulting Group, the number of companies using mPOS devices globally will grow by 225 percent from eight million businesses in 2013 to 18 million by 2017. Mint Wireless estimates the estimated value of mPOS transactions in Australia will reach US$7 billion in 2014 with the potential to grow to US$20 billion in 2016.

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