Payleven introduces payment solution to Belgium

New market

payleven has announced its launch in the Belgian market. In this eighth market of payleven, the company has two objectives: The democratisation of card payments and the strengthening of small and medium-sized businesses through a solution which, in contrast to the costly and complex products of traditional vendors, fits their needs. The key is the Chip & PIN technology, put on the market by payleven, which is the most secure and reliable option for making mobile card payments.

The Chip & PIN card reader connects via Bluetooth with the payleven App on a smartphone or tablet and allows payments by debit or credit card to be accepted – no fixed costs, contract periods or minimum sales. Registration with payleven is paperless and can be completed in a few minutes. The card reader is offered in Belgium at for an introductory price of 69 Euros. The only other cost incurred is a 2.75% fee per completed transaction. In addition to the payleven website, the Chip & PIN card reader will also be available shortly through the Apple online store as well as in all branches of the Belgian retail chain easy-m, the largest local Apple distributer.

“Although more than 70% of Belgians say they would prefer to pay by card, cash in Belgium is still the most common payment method,” says Alston Zecha, founder and COO of payleven. “We will change that by finally offering small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to accept card payments and to make their business simpler and more efficient in other areas.”

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