Braintree’s new platform brings free enhanced fraud protection to all merchants

Braintree's new platform brings enhanced fraud protection to merchants of all sizes

Global payment platform Braintree has announced the launch of its newly enhanced platform, which offers additional fraud protection to its merchants. Braintree, which is the platform behind mobile purchasing enterprises such a Airbnb, Angry Birds, Fab, Hotel Tonight , TaskRabbit and Uber, monitors customer purchasing behaviour across a large network of online and mobile companies. This allows merchants to access a more comprehensive picture that allows them to recognize fraud quickly and accurately.

The new Fraud Tools, which are available to all Braintree merchants at no extra cost, will give smaller companies access to sophisticated fraud protection that has previously been the preserve of much larger organisations.

Bill Ready, CEO of Braintree, commented: “Our experience in processing more than $10 billion of online and mobile commerce annually has given us the data and expertise needed to deliver comprehensive tools that further protect our merchants and stop fraudsters.  Fraud is not a problem limited to large merchants. Our goal is to provide startups everything they need to grow and scale, including fraud protection.”


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