ANNOUNCEMENT: Invapay Introduces Red Zebras Cash Back Concept

Introducing Red Zebra Analytics

Invapay introduces a new form of cash back loyalty programme from Red Zebra Analytics is set to transform the future of online banking. Red Zebra Analytics brings together consumers, banks and retailers, with targeted rewards based on spending patterns. When customers log in to their online bank or credit card accounts, they are presented with various cash-back offers. If they see an offer they like, they just click to accept it. Later, when shopping, they simply pay with their bank’s debit or credit card. Discounts are awarded in the form of cash payments once a month. Everything takes place with no vouchers, no coupons and no hassle.


“With our innovative solution banks can build closer relationships with their customers by providing them with offers that they actually want,” said Attul Sehgal, co-founder and CEO of Red Zebra Analytics. “Retailers can create highly targeted marketing campaigns quicker than ever before, with no need for extra staff training or backroom administration.” “And of course, customers get money-saving deals that are relevant to them and simple to activate. Once you opt in, you go shopping, simply pay with your card and you get cash-back on your bank statement.”

Offers placed in online banking 


Cash-back offers will be targeted to customer profile and placed near to relevant transactions in the online bank statement, ensuring maximum impact and take up, whilst releasing screen “real-estate”

Benefits for Customers: Ensures that attractive offers from trusted retail partners are non-intrusive and relevant to customer’s preferences; customers are always in absolute control with the ability to opt-in or opt-out anytime; no unwanted emails, SMS text messages or phone calls.

Benefits for Merchants: Reach out to new and existing customers with extremely targeted cash-back offers and in an environment where customers feel secure and confident – their bank’s own website. Raise your brand awareness, influence spending behaviour and promote new acceptance environments. No additional impact at point of purchase. 

Benefits for Financial Institutions: Turn online banking statements into a “good news” channel, giving customers relevant and value-added offers and a real reason to migrate to your online banking services, whether internet or mobile banking. 



Engaging “rewards hub”

Secure page where customers can verify, manage and discover new cash-back offers; ability to create further product or brand micro-sites according to requirements

Benefits for Customers: Interesting and well-designed environment that keeps customers informed about their past, present and future cash-back offers. Customers are in absolute control with the ability to opt-in or opt-out anytime; no unwanted emails, SMS text messages or phone calls

Benefits for Merchants: Strengthen brand engagement with powerful offers, imagery, copy and micro-sites direct to the customers online banking website.

Benefits for Financial Institutions: Position yourself as primary gateway for customers to access valued rewards from the retail brands that they love 


Native Mobile Intergration

Functionality fully integrated into a seamless mobile experience with mobile-only “offer-location” capabilities – App can live as a white-label standalone program or integrated in a mobile banking portal.

Benefits for Customers: Convenient and compelling interface where relevant offers can be accessed anytime anywhere

Benefits for Merchants: Make specific cash-back offers according to customer’s current needs; make sure your brand is engaging your customers at the right time and at the right place. Complement existing and more mass consumer marketing activities.

Benefits for Financial Institutions: Increase relevance with target customer segments. Move to customer’s front mind with a Bank-branded App that people will use of all the time; incentivise adoption of online and mobile banking services. Move your bank payment products through to front of wallet. 

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