Orange Botswana and Visa enabling ATM withdrawals and payments in store and online for Orange Money customers

Working with Orange Money

Orange Money subscribers in Botswana now have access to Visa payment functionality when using their Orange Money accounts. The enhanced service allows Orange Money subscribers to access their funds 24 hours a day by withdrawing money at ATMs and making point-of-sale (POS) or online purchases wherever Visa is accepted. 

The current Orange Money service allows customers to use their mobile phones to transfer funds to any mobile phone subscriber in the country, pay electricity, buy airtime and pay bills. The enhanced Orange Money Visa programme offers the convenience of making payments on the Internet and at more than 4,000 local retailers and withdrawing money from over 300 Visa ATMs across Botswana. 

Orange Money subscribers must simply apply for an Orange Money prepaid Visa card, which will be instantly linked to their existing Orange Money account. New customers will need a valid ID or passport to register for an Orange Money account. Registration and Orange Money prepaid Visa card requests will be facilitated through Orange shops nationwide. In the near future, Orange Money subscribers will be able to obtain Orange Money prepaid Visa cards from all Orange Money dealers. 

Botswana is the first country in the world where Visa and Orange are collaborating to allow Orange Money subscribers to make Visa transactions, following the announcement of a group-wide strategic agreement between Orange and Visa in 2012.   

Visa’s Head of Emerging Products & Innovation for Africa, Dougie Henderson said: “We are delighted to launch this exciting new service first with Orange Botswana. This is a significant milestone in Visa’s strategy to drive financial inclusion, bringing Visa capabilities to mobile money services in Africa.” 

Elisabeth Medou Badang, CEO of Orange Botswana said: “This partnership demonstrates the existence of strong synergies between financial institutions and telecommunication operators as a way to improve financial inclusion. The online payment feature that we bring constitutes a phenomenal opportunity for the development of e-commerce for all, including the unbanked. We strive on a daily basis to provide convenience to our customers while making their lives easier with enhanced customer experience”.

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