Yalamanchili launches white label mobile wallet application for banks and financial institutions

White label platform

Yalamanchili has launched a white label mobile wallet application for global banking and financial institutions operating on its next generation payments platform. The wallet is a fully customisable mobile banking facility capable of supporting international money transfers, the management of multiple card accounts and a variety of mobile value added services, rewards and location based offers.

The secure mobile wallet application will enable banks and financial institutions to respond to increasing demand for a wide variety of mobile financial services. The user-friendly interface offers a high-level of functionality, enabling users to top-up card balances, view transaction histories, purchase prepaid airtime from local telecom providers, suspend card activities and even request PIN changes for ATMs. The application can be fully branded according to the clients requirements and its functions either activated or held in reserve according to each individual client’s specification.

 “The key to producing a valuable white label mobile wallet solution is to build in as broad a range of service support features as possible,” comments Chris Ellis, President – Europe at Yalamanchili. “Our solution is as flexible as it is powerful, and can be implemented and issued by any of our international clients, regardless of currency or location. The extent of the customisation options available in the wallet is a reflection of the unrivalled flexibility that our next generation payments platform currently provides to clients. This application gives banks and financial institutions a rapid and direct route into the mobile market, together with all the opportunity this provides for generating additional revenues, deepening relationships with customers and enhancing their understanding of consumer buying habits.  We’re very excited about the added value that this service will deliver.”

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