LevelUp to Integrate m-payments into more third party apps

New platform offering

LevelUp  has launched its Software Development Kit (SDK), which will enable developers to easily integrate mobile payments into their own applications. The LevelUp SDK is part of LevelUp’s ongoing strategy to create an open platform for mobile payments, with easy access for merchants, consumers, and developers.

LevelUp’s SDK is more like Facebook’s than Apple’s. Developers can now add mobile payment-specific functionality to their new or existing applications. Here are some of LevelUp SDK’s core tools :

  • Log In / Registration: Log in to a LevelUp account or create one on the spot within an existing app.
  • Display Payment Code: Display a user’s payment QR Code right within the app. Just like LevelUp, QR codes are secure tokens that easily can be changed at any time.
  • Receipts: Register an app with LevelUp and receive push receipts directly within the app after a transaction takes place.
  • Transaction History: Access (with permission, of course) a user’s past transactions.
  • Campaign Claiming: Scan QR Codes to unlock credit right within an app.
  • Places: Pull up locations for a specific business or display all places nearby.
  • Securely Add / Manage Cards: Easily manage card preferences in the app.
  • Much More! And, there’s a lot more functionality made easy by the SDK.

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