Payment transactions for SAP cloud solutions with the TIS Cloud Platform

TIS tapping into SAP customers

The SAP-certified TIS Cloud Platform now also enables SEPA-compatible payment transactions for the SAP cloud solutions “Business ByDesign” and “Financials OnDemand”. Moreover, the solutions from TIS are now available in the SAP Online Store.

With the payment transaction solutions from TIS, now even customers using Business ByDesign and Financials OnDemand can migrate all their payment processes to an efficient, secure and economical cloud environment. In this way, customers will optimise their payment transaction systems and make them SEPA-compatible as well as optimising their liquidity and bank relationship management systems.

TIS has been and is a certified SAP partner for many years and offers the leading cloud solution for managing enterprise-wide payment processes. TIS bundles all enterprise-critical bank connection processes in one single platform that is compatible with all major banks and which is 100% audit-proof.

Companies use the functions via the Internet – without expensive IT infrastructure and with costs billed transparently each month. In practice, payments are initiated in the SAP environment and then directly transferred to the TIS Cloud Platform; and, in the other direction, account statements from the bank go to TIS and are retrieved there by Business ByDesign.

With the inclusion of users of the SAP Online Store, TIS has now gained access to a major customer potential source among SAP users.

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