Pay your bills in a snap with the new Zapper App

Making bill payments faster‘s new Scan-to-Pay app uses the camera on your smartphone to make paying your bills as quick and easy as taking a photograph. allows businesses to generate unique QR Codes for bills.  When you receive a bill with a Zapper QR Code on, you just open the app, scan the QR Code and confirm the amount to be paid. Your card is then charged and both parties receive an instant confirmation of the payment.

Zapper is free and works with Android and iOS operating systems. Once downloaded the registration process is quick and simple. You then just need to add in the details of a debit or credit card which are securely encrypted and stored on your phone, you are then ready to Zap.

The QR Codes can be placed on either paper, PDF or email invoices as the codes can be scanned on screen or on printed paper documents making it convenient for both customers and businesses.

The days of going through slow telephone payment lines and punching your credit card details into multiple websites now look to be numbered with the launch of Zapper a new app.

European MD for Zapper Bradley Duke said:

“We all want to spend less time and effort paying bills whether that’s helping us avoid logging into several systems and re entering our card details repeatedly or just saving us from having to dash out of the house to get cash to pay to plumber. Zapper was designed to make that possible by leveraging the power of the smartphone in our pocket.”

Gartner recorded a 44% increase globally in mobile payments since last year, Zapper aim to increase this significantly in the next year helping consumers and business to get the most out of their smartphones.

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