Foregenix offers Fraud Threat Alert free to SMEs to promote online data security

Foregenix Threat Alert (FTA) is being offered free-of-charge to SMEs

Data security specialist Foregenix has announced that it is offering its newly launched online security solution Foregenix Threat Alert (FTA) free-of-charge to SMEs. Fraud reportedly costs the UK economy £73 billion annually and can prove devastating to any size of business, and Foregenix is hoping this move will help to raise awareness of the importance of online data security.

By signing up to, businesses who lack in-house IT security capabilities can monitor web traffic and payment systems and receive alerts on unusual behaviour or potential attacks. The cloud-based software also scans sites for unprotected cardholder data to make sure they are not holding customer data insecurely.

FTA’s security monitoring and alerting adheres to PCI DSS requirements, helping small business simplify and reduce compliance costs.

Foregenix Director, Benjamin Hosack, said: “Data security and PCI compliance should be a priority, but most small businesses are not aware of their security obligations leaving them at risk of a breach which leads to large bank fines. FTA acts as a defence, monitoring online payment systems and ensuring businesses are not unknowingly storing unsecured customer credit card data.”

“We recognised that all types and sizes of businesses needed a readily accessible website security defence system which is why we chose to launch FTA for free. Securing an online business is often seen as a dark art, but FTA proves that all SME’s can get simple, effective website security without the need for an IT security engineer. “

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