Mo9 nabs funding for mobile games payments

Secured funding

Mo9, a credit service for mobile games, has raised a Series B round from Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund and existing investor Sequoia Capital. The total funding was not disclosed other than that it was millions of dollars.

Owned by Shanghai company Gamax Interactive, Mo9 allows users to play a game first and pay for it over time enabling them to receive credit ratings for the future. Mo9 is based in Palo Alto but operates globally including in Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and Malaysia.

Sequoia Capital is one of mo9’s main investors. mo9 authorizes and processes mobile payment transactions for the world’s best known social platforms and digital content merchants. With mo9 service, you can buy online items by simply using your mobile phone number. It also gives you complete freedom and flexibility to choose how you repay. You can find mo9 in popular social games, web games and mobile apps.

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