AVG Invests in Startupbootcamp NFC Program in Amsterdam

Support from AVG

 AVG Technologies  has invested in early stage business accelerator Startupbootcamp NFC (Near Field Communication) & Contactless in Amsterdam. AVG joins venture capitalists and corporates based in the Netherlands on the Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless Board in organizing and running the next program which starts on October 14th 2013. Investing in this initiative is part of AVG’s Research & Development program, which is lead from Amsterdam where AVG’s Innovation Center is based.

Startupbootcamp is a European initiative with seven hubs, co-founded by Dutch serial entrepreneurs, Patrick de Zeeuw andRuud Hendriks. It runs two programs a year from the Amsterdam hub, each lasting three months, to which startups across the world apply for the chance of a place. Following the three month program, Startupbootcamp then guides the selected startups intensively for an additional three months to help them to secure additional funding for next stage growth.

Patrick de Zeeuw, Co-Founder Startupbootcamp Global, said: “We are very excited to have AVG as the latest partner in Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless. AVG can provide Startupbootcamp with digital business insights and mentoring for the 10 selected companies in the Near Field Communications and Contactless Interactions program in Amsterdam.”

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