Ingenico supports EMV implementation in North America

Supporting EMV in US

Ingenico is supporting U.S. EMV adoption by assisting U.S. processors in meeting their certification to the major payment card brands.

As part of the overall EMV migration plan, payment card brands have required U.S. processors and sub-processors to be able to support merchant acceptance of EMV chip transactions.

Ingenico has utilized its global EMV expertise to provide support with the card brand certification process among some of the top U.S. processors. This marks an important step for merchants to become EMV-enabled well ahead of the October 2015 liability shift deadline.

With Ingenico’s experience in the process of migration to the chip card standard, which requires tight collaboration between the technology supplier and the processor, they played a pivotal role in the Canadian EMV migration, providing a platform for processors to test EMV transactions. Now Ingenico is focused on assisting U.S. processors with acceleration of EMV acceptance in the U.S. marketplace.

“With our experience of EMV devices, we believe Ingenico is the right partner to roll out EMV migration in the U.S. in the small merchants and large retailer segments,” said Gregory Boardman, senior vice-president of Product and Development for Ingenico North America. “EMV readiness requires a holistic approach involving not only Ingenico devices and applications, but the systems of processor partners.”

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