BitPay announces new pricing plans

Enhancing service

BitPay has announced three new all-inclusive pricing plans based on value and features, not transaction fees. In November, BitPay merchants will be able to choose a plan with the feature sets they need, and process an unlimited number of orders with no transaction fees.

 “No merchant service riding on the traditional interchange rails can offer all-inclusive pricing because there are three or four middlemen who want a cut of every transaction,” says BitPay co-founder and CEO Tony Gallippi. “Some processors tease with flat-rate pricing, but there are many hidden fees and limitations that make flat-rate offers an illusion.”

Touting to be considerably cheaper than Square – the most popular flat-rate offering in the credit card space – BitPay is offering a strong value proposition for small businesses. Its all-inclusive plans (Professional, Business and Enterprise) start as low as USD30 per month and include access to 20 shopping cart plugins, sample code libraries, client billing tools, and a bitcoin payment gateway API. The premium plans include priority telephone support and VPN access for highest performance.

Merchants choosing to accept bitcoin in their business are quickly recognizing the tremendous value that BitPay brings. Merchants using the top ecommerce platforms like Magento, Drupal, and WordPress can install one of BitPay’s plugins and be accepting bitcoin without writing any programming code.

Merchants shipping merchandise can automate their sales with FulFillment by Amazon to easily ship to 60 countries. Also, merchants using the popular QuickBooks small business accounting package can download and reconcile their bitcoin sales with ease.

Last month, BitPay surpassed 10,000 merchants in 164 countries using its service to process bitcoin payments. The company also recently translated its checkout into 11 languages and is currently hiring for its three offices in Atlanta, Amsterdam, and Montreal.

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