VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Vendorcom Thought Leadership Conference 2013 at Level 39

The Payment Eye Team were invited to the Vendorcom Thought Leadership Conference at Level 39. This series covers some of the insights to the conference. Join us as we look under the hood of the payments industry, and look at what exactly is going on, and what’s coming next. Subjects discussed during the conference series include geolocation’s place in the payment game, mobile loyalty redemption and the innovators in the payment space.

“The point of today is to make sure that we are educating people as to what’s coming over the hill in terms of new regulation and technologies. The aim is also to challenge people to think a little bit differently.” Said Amanda Faul, Vendorcom Operations Director. 

PaymentEye were at Level 39 for the Vendorcom Thought Leadership Conference 2013. Here’s an overview of our upcoming web series. Stay tuned for more videos this week.



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