VIDEO Exclusive: Interview with Proxama CEO, Neil Garner

PaymentEye recently caught up with Proxama CEO, Neil Garner at the Vendorcom Thought Leadership Conference held at Level 39, Canary Wharf.

The event hosted a number of key industry players and innnovative start-ups from various industry sectors such mobile, security and big data. Bridging the gap between the consumer and the plethora of solutions and technology coming to the fore in the payments industry was certainly a hot topic of discussion. 

The mobile payments space is rife with activity and the choices becoming available to the consumer are becoming confusing due to the fragmented nature of the current payments infrastructure. Proxama’s NFC-based solutions aims to give the consumer a more relevent and seamless experience. 

Proxama is a next generation NFC mobile commerce company that connects the physical and digital worlds. Proxama technology platforms enable consumers to use secure mobile wallets, receive offers, connect with brands and make payments through their NFC mobile phone.

“The key thing that we are finding today with mobile loyalty is that it is fairly fragmented. The different companies and retailers tend to do things in different ways which may or may not work with the merchants hardware. We have been talking about coming up with a standardised way for all retailers to work with mobile to simplify the redemption process”, Neil Garner commented. 

Stay tuned this week for more videos from the Thought Leadership Conference at Level 39.


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