Panasonic enabling mobile commerce with new POS devices

New alliances

Panasonic is joining P97 Networks, Microsoft  and CGI at NACS 2013 to introduce a mobile commerce and behavioural marketing platform. The solution, dubbed PetroZone is for the convenience retail and fuels marketing industry.

This new alliance will combine the power of Panasonic’s portfolio of point-of-sale devices and deployment services with CGI’s Payment 360 Platform, Microsoft’s Dynamics AX Point of Sale, and P97’s PetroZone cloud based mobile commerce platform to provide the retail convenience and fuel marketing industry a fully integrated mobile payments and settlement platform for the future.

Moreover, the partnership provides major oil companies with a complete cloud based mobile commerce platform, allowing them to offer new mobile payment types, digital offers, integrated customer loyalty programs, and financial settlement solutions for their retail fuel distributors, wholesalers, and marketers.

Donald Frieden, chief executive of P97 Networks said: “The convenience and retail fueling industry wants to improve and expand their customer relationships and reward programs with mobile commerce and Panasonic is well positioned to serve our customers with their broad portfolio of technology devices and services.”

“PetroZone and next generation POS systems provide a unique opportunity for oil companies and convenience and retail fueling merchants to meet pending EMV requirements by refreshing their systems with new technologies that enable mobile commerce,” said Richard Elliott, Director, Food Services for Panasonic. “This will help accelerate the replacement of traditional transactional business with alternative payment methods and improved loyalty programs.”

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