VIDEO Exclusive: Interview with Vendorcom Programme Director, Amanda Faul

The Payment Eye Team recently spoke with Vendorcom Programme Director Amanda Faul at the Thought Leadership Conference at Level 39.

The event hosted a number of key industry players and innnovative start-ups from various industry sectors such mobile, security and big data. Bridging the gap between the consumer and the plethora of solutions and technology coming to the fore in the payments industry was certainly a hot topic of discussion. 

Vendorcom is a membership organisation representing stakeholders in the cards and payments industry. Its primary purpose is to promote communication, knowledge sharing and best practice, thus enabling payment systems and services providers to offer the most effective and secure payment processing solutions to merchants

Membership is open to all vendors of EPoS hardware and software, EFT and payment applications, payment terminals and card acceptance devices as well as card schemes, acquiring banks, retail trade organisations, systems integrators & resellers, qualified security assessors and consultancies. 

“The whole premise about Vendorcom is about bringing the indudsty together to enable it to develop and create better solutions for merchants to take payments from consumers. The point of today is to make sure we are educating people about what’s coming over the hill in terms of regulation and new technology” Amanda commented. 


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