ANNOUNCEMENT: Omanyemoney provides solution for financial inclusion crisis

Omanyemoney payments services has the solution for financial inclusion.

At the just ended Annual meeting of the World Bank Group (WBG) and the IMF which took place from the 11th-13th of October 2013, one global discussion was focused on trying to reduce the significant number of people in the world who were un-banked, under banked or had no access to financial services.

The World Bank estimates that 2.5 billion people worldwide are unable to access finance and/or financial services. Most of these people are in developing countries. During the World Bank panel discussion on financial inclusion calls were being made for innovation in providing access to those for whom financial services are not currently available. Sammy Crabbe the CEO of Omanye Money believes Omanyemoney payments services has the solution for financial inclusion. He stated in an interview with PaymentEye that:

“Africa is the second largest continent for mobile market after Asia and our banking platform takes advantage of this fact. We understand that access to finance is not readily available in all parts of Africa and so we have opted to make sure that via the means of a mobile phone, people are afforded all the benefits of a bank account i.e. sending and receiving money, paying for goods and the added bonus of earning points on their transactions”

Omanyemoney is a UK based company which offer a wide range of services and with these aforementioned services Omanyemoney is a major solution provider for financial inclusion.

  • Omanye Personal accounts: via mobile phone accessible everywhere you have a mobile signal, easy to sign-up. Call 02033222695 and choose option 3.
  • Omanye Merchant accounts: offer simple management and integration possibilities with your website, e-commerce platform or point of sales terminal.
  • Omanye Co-operate accounts: allow companies to move money around the world at a very low rate and be used as a platform for paying staff.

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