Visa Ready programme approve iVeri’s mPress chip & pin mobile payments solution

mPress has been approved by the Visa Ready programme.

African payments provider iVeri‘s EMV chip-and-PIN mobile payments solution, mPress has been approved by the Visa Ready programme. The approval applies for use within Visa Inc. territories.

The Visa Ready programme was introduced in February 2013 and was designed to provide innovators with an easy way to collaborate with Visa and quickly introduce Visa-compliant devices, software and solutions that can be used to initiate or accept Visa payments.

“This is a huge honour to receive the Visa Ready approval for our combined mPOS hardware and mobile software,” says iVeri CEO Barry Coetzee. “Providing our customers with the highest standards is an on-going commitment.”

As well as being Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant, iVeri’s mPos services are EMV-approved and meet industry standards and best practices for mPOS devices according to MasterCard, another major card network.

iVeri currently has customers in a number of African countries such as: South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Angola, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

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