ArgoPay launches closed beta

ArgoPay is disrupting the payment system.

ArgoPay is reinventing the credit card, allowing merchants to keep more while rewarding consumers and now both consumers and merchants can join the queue to participate in ArgoPay’s closed beta.

ArgoPay is disrupting the payment system, eliminating all of these intermediaries when you use ArgoCredit, a virtual credit card issued to you when you download the ArgoPay app.

Merchants get 0% processing fees without the need for any additional dongles or hardware to process payments. They also get instant access to a loyalty program for their best customers and a hassle-free way to send tempting offers to consumers who might become their next loyal customer. With each ArgoPay purchase consumers can earn rewards that they can use locally. To join the closed beta queue click here.

“We are excited to launch this private beta,” said Igor Ostrovsky, ArgoPay Founder and CEO. “Having owned small businesses I know how expensive credit card processing fees can be to a merchant. And because we don’t have to share our network with other intermediaries we are able to deliver greater rewards to consumers.”

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