Orderman and payworks build first mobile chip & pin solution for ordering terminals

Growing demand of mobile POS solutions.

payworks, a provider of a mobile Point of Sale processing platform, has announced their partnership with Orderman, to build one of the first Chip & PIN solutions for mobile ordering terminals. Orderman integrates the payworks mPOS SDK into their ordering and billing systems, enabling their merchants to accept payments with low cost and pocket size Chip & PIN devices. 

Orderman, a specialist for ordering and billing systems in the restaurant and hospitality business relies on payworks technology to prepare their products for the growing demand of mobile POS solutions. Orderman integrates the payworks mPOS SDK (mobile Point of Sale Software Development Kit) into their products. The implementation enables merchants using Orderman terminals to equip their staff with a fully certified, low cost credit card terminal, which they can carry around in their pockets, reducing checkout time significantly and enhancing the interaction with their guests.

Christian Deger, CEO of payworks: “Orderman is one of the leading innovators in the POS space, always striving to perfect the customer experience with their products. We are very happy that payworks is part of Orderman’s initiative to make mobile POS technology available to their clients.”

Andreas Neuhofer, Director Marketing of Orderman: “We believe that mobile POS offers a huge potential for merchants to increase efficiency, gain more profits and provide a higher customer satisfaction. With payworks as a dependable partner, in the future not only Chip & PIN but many more solutions are feasible. Our goal is to help our merchants grow further and we are excited about the times to come.”

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