Tantrum Street launch mobile payment app, Skip Wallet

Launch new app, Skip Wallet.

Tantrum Street has announced the launch of Skip Wallet, a new app designed to help consumers make purchases securely and conveniently wherever they shop.

Skip Wallet, a cloud-based app allows consumers to safely load credit, debit and gift card information, as well as rewards card details, onto one platform, creating a “digital wallet” that makes the purchase, return, and budget-tracking process quick and efficient.

Through its tokenization technology, Skip Wallet provides users a swipe-free and scan-free purchase experience, no account numbers are transmitted at all. Consumers can pay for meals, drinks, services and retail items instantly and securely with their smartphone or tablet app – or if they don’t have their phone or wallet with them, simply by providing their Skip Wallet “payname” and PIN at the compatible point-of-purchase.

Skip Wallet will begin testing in Dallas at select gift shops, cafes, clothing boutiques, bakeries, caterers, salons, retail home and garden locations, and food trucks in the city. A national launch is scheduled for early 2014.

“We created Skip Wallet to provide consumers with a new payment option that not only fits conveniently into their lives, but does so in a manner they can trust,” said William Cervin, founder and CEO of Dallas-based Tantrum Street. “Through our partnership with Good Returns, consumers can now make their everyday purchases impactful by simultaneously supporting a movement to alleviate global problems. With Skip Wallet we have truly found a way to change the way consumers pay, for good.”

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