YapStone’s RentPayment plans to integrate DoubleBeam mobile cheque capture

Users can make electronic payments using multiple channels.

YapStone, a provider of electronic payment solutions to large vertical markets such as property management and non-profits, has announced its plans to integrate DoubleBeam’s mobile cheque capture technology into YapStone’s RentPayment™ mobile application. DoubleBeam is a provider of mobile retailing solutions.

RentPayment users can make electronic payments using multiple channels, including the internet, sending a text message, by phone and via the RentPayment App.

“Current electronic rent payment solutions require users to manually input their bank account routing information or credit/debit card number to on-board their payment account,this process is highly inconvenient for the renter and can lead to data entry errors resulting in costly NSF’s for the renter and property.” said Michael Denbeau, SVP of Business Development at YapStone. “By leveraging DoubleBeam’s cutting-edge mobile cheque capture technology, renters can seamlessly add their payment account information and establish one-time or recurring payments with a simple snap of a picture from their iPhone or Android device.  Property managers benefit because the App reduces the number of physical checks that find their way into the leasing office, freeing up managers to focus on renter retention and closing new leases.”

“YapStone shares our passion for developing user-friendly, innovative mobile commerce solutions. By offering a convenient mobile payment option, RentPayment makes it easier for today’s on-the-go renter to pay their rent on time, and ultimately reduce delinquencies and improve cash flow for property managers.” said Ted Tekippe, CEO of DoubleBeam.  

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