CardMobili unveils digital wallet product portfolio and new corporate identity

Behind a series of mobile loyalty and digital wallet roll-outs.

CardMobili, a provider of advanced digital wallet solutions, has unveiled its expanded product line-up, plus new branding and website in line with its corporate repositioning. CardMobili’s technology and solutions are behind a series of mobile loyalty and digital wallet roll-outs.  

Portugal Telecom recently selected CardMobili as the key technology partner in a multi-year contract to enable the mobile network operator’s digital wallet service. CardMobili is taking a primary role in the implementation of Portugal Telecom’s digital wallet, providing e-commerce value-added services via its established technology platform, majoring on digital loyalty, offers and coupons.

CEO Helena Leite explains: “We have evolved considerably as a company in the past 4 years, developing our award-winning core technology platform and associated products into the complete end-to-end digital wallet solution that we have today.  This is a fast-moving and dynamic market – global retail brands, mobile network operators and financial institutions are recognising the tangible revenue opportunities that the digital wallet can unlock, and are lining themselves up to take advantage.  We have been working steadily to create a set of modular tools that will enable them to achieve their strategic objectives – providing a flexible, resilient and future-proof technology foundation that can be uniquely configured and customised.  

“We are unveiling a full suite of products to complement our technology platform, across Loyalty, Communication, Campaigns, Shopping, and Payments.  In essence, all the tools you need to bring branded services to market quickly, cost-efficiently, and with the maximum impact. The digital wallet opportunity has the capability of completely changing the consumer’s shopping experience.  However, the window of opportunity is relatively narrow, putting the emphasis on moving quickly and identifying solutions that enable value-added services within content-rich wallets.”

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